Thursday, May 22, 2008

Love yourself first.

I found this beautiful video about emotional abuse by Mariana.

Mariana's Blog: Emotional Abuse

Mariana wisely reminds us:

Don't believe their words. Believe their concrete actions.

Does your partner's words and promises match his/her actions?

Does your partner tell you he/she loves you and you are special but goes on with his life, ignoring you and ignoring your feelings?

You don't need an abuser in your life.

You deserve someone who will love you and respect you for who you are, not for what they can get from you.

Choose to Love Yourself First.

Thank you for sharing your gentle strength Mariana.



Mariana said...

You have an awesome blog!

I'm glad you liked the video, I truly hope it can help more people so we can all grow out of abuse.

We all deserve to be loved in a healthy way.

All the best to you!

CZBZ said...

Thanks for posting on my blog, jennie. I'm glad to find your blog and look forward to reading your archives.

It really helps to write out our experience...sometimes, it's the only way to make it real. I found it very healing to put words to my feelings, too. Once I could see my story on the written page, it was easier to figure out what to do and then, DO IT.


jennie said...

mariana, Yes, we all deserve healthy love in our lives. We are worth it.

CZBC, Keeping this blog has helped me see things more clearly too. I really like finding personal blogs like yours and mariana's. There are a lot of blogs out there by counselors speaking as experts, and that is helpful, but finding that someone else can relate to your personal experience is very validating. Thank you for sharing your story.

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